Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tissue Tiles

These are my first attempt at tissue paper tiles. They are of my two sons. I made a set for my dad and a set for my father-in-law. I couldn't believe how easy they were to make and how incredibly cute they turned out.
I used the Storybook cartridge to cut the names and year using vinyl. I of course used my gypsy to size my letters and numbers correctly. I then used Modge Podge to seal it.


  1. what exactly is Tissue Tiles?? What do you do??

  2. Thank you for asking. You print your pictures on tissue paper. Then use any ordinary ceramic tile, I bought mine from Lowes and Home depot. I used vinyl to cut out the letters. Then once you place everything where you want it you use modge podge to seal it all on the tile. It is super easy and super quick. I just recently started making them, and I absolutely love them. They make really nice gifts.