Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cricut Cake

The Cricut Cake
I am a member of the Cricut Demo Army. I do demo's of Provocraft products for Michael's and JoAnn's. I demo the Cricut, Cricut Cake, Gypsy and Yudu. I have been having a blast at my job. I truly enjoy what I do. It is the first time I have worked outside the home in about 4 1/2 years so it is nice to be able to get out of the house and to also enjoy what I am doing is just a bonus!! Below is just a sample of some of the cakes I have made. On my other posts you will see what I can do with the Cricut. Thanks for looking!!

This is what one of my demo tables looks like.

This is my cake I did for a summer cake. I used the cake that JoAnn's had because they wanted to keep it and display it. It turned out cute, but I had a lot of trouble with this one. First I was using their machine, not my usual one and it didn't cut properly at first. Then the cuts I was trying to use were not playing nice. But in the end it turned out pretty cute, even if it is not the same cake I started out making.

This is my Memorial Day cake I made for my Michael's demo. I thought this cake turned out pretty neat, for a fake cake.

This is one of the first cakes I made while demoing at Michael's. It wasn't one of the most creative cakes I ever made, but it showed what the Cricut Cake could do with fondant.

This is my dad's birthday cake I made him using the Cricut Cake. I was in Chicago for his birthday so when I returned home and learned how to use this machine I made him my very first cake!!


  1. Wow you do beautiful work! I signed up to follow your blog. Thank you for following mine!!