Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sad Day

Tomorrow is going to be a very sad day for me and my gypsy (My g). My g is not holding a charge so Provo Craft is replacing her for me. Which is great...Thank you PC.. But a sad day all the same...I have become quite attached to My g. I carry her everywhere and I am seldom seen without her in my hands. I love to design on her. So tomorrow is the day...I have to pack her up and send her back to PC. I am not quite sure what I will do without her. I will still have my "work" gypsy that I use in the Cricut Demo Army, but its just not the same as My g. Who would have thought I would enjoy the gypsy this much. Two months ago I swore I had no need for one and now I can't live without it! Oh what a sad day...I sure hope she won't be gone for long...I have so much to plan and design and create.....

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